Meal supports

Focal is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of high quality food and beverage equipment. For each problem, a solution can be offered, from special arm supports to eat robots.

Jamie is an eating device based on arm support. A forearm with scale tilt mechanism is here combined with a plastic board, which serves as a basis. The provision is intended for persons who are not easily able to bring food to the mouth, and want a specific dining facility.
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ADL Standard
The ADL Standard is a facility that is modular. On the arm of the supply can accessories that are needed, such as a mini table or drinks holders, be attached. The provision can be positioned very precisely close to the user. A version for the wheelchair is also available.
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Nelson is an eating aid for people with severe coordination problems, e.g. due to spasticity. The Nelson is essentially a user-operated lever with a braking mechanism. The shaking movements are smoothed and converted into a smooth, guided movement. The user can now, with the fixed fork or spoon, bring food to the mouth.
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